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I am having fun cobbling together ideas, strategies, and stories that I have found useful as I move through my life. The main tool I embrace is the practice of meditation. I think of meditation as a short cut to mindfulness. In this crazy, busy world, it is far too easy to live a mindless life, defaulting to old habits, skating on the surface, focused on keeping our head above water as we tend to the millions of things that pull at us. This quote by Sharon Salzberg, a renowned meditation teacher, sums up the reason I meditate:

“May the circumstances of my life not define the state of my heart.”

I find by setting aside time each day to sit in silence and quiet reflection gets me back to neutral, sets up my day, and reminds me to be my best self and to make decisions with an open heart instead of an inflated ego. We create our lives with each decision we make. Somedays I am better at making empowering decisions that move me forward. I am a work in progress and am learning this path is not linear; one step forward, two steps back, another off to the side. I hope you will explore my site, and if somethng resonates with you, great! Ignore the stuff that doesn’t.  I borrow freely from teachers and wisdom leaders who have inspired me. I enjoy writing and often use a quote that stirs me as a prompt. I am often surprised where one simple inspiring idea leads me. Writing is how I make the lessons I am learning stick. Timber Hawkeye, the author of a little gem of a book called Buddhist Bootcamp, sums up what I am after:

“You will only be surrounded by annoying people and frustrating situations until you learn not to get annoyed or frustrated. Then you will just see them as people and situations.”

Ah, to live without getting triggered! To be solid in following my inner compass, to be able to embrace acceptance and release the need to judge! I am finally realizing I do not have to be the judge and jury of the world! Looking after myself is surely enough!

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I have included pieces  written in the past for a column I wrote for several years for the Beaver Creek employee newsletter, as well as my personal writing on a variety of topics.  When I stumble on an idea or notice synchronicities I scribble my thoughts down and include them  here.

Meditation Basics 

Interested in exploring meditation or playing with ideas or techniques? I have included how I got started, as well as information and ideas I have found helpful. Starting a practice can be daunting. It really can be as simple as setting aside 5 minutes each day to give your brain a break.


I am continually adding books, Ted Talks, videos, podcasts – anything I find particularly useful in keeping me motivated and on my path. It is my “go to” place when I need inspiration.

Come join me!

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