About Caroline

I have been living and working in the Vail Valley for nearly 40 years.  I love the challenge of staying curious and finding different ways to respond to life’s challenges. One of my favorite quotes is, “Live life as if it was rigged in your favor.” I love sharing what I am learning with the people around me.  We are all a work in progress and when something resonates with me, or I find a simpler way to navigate relationships I enjoy writing about it. When I articulate my life lessons, they seem to stick!  

Over the last twenty years I have attended meditation and life coaching retreats around the country with master teachers including Deepak Chopra, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodrun, Joe Dispenza, Alan Cohen, and Martha Beck. Connecting the dots between where I put my attention and how it affects my life, learning the lesson over and over again that I am responsible for the energy I bring with me, that I create my life with each decision I make, has had a profound impact. I am also learning that my path is not linear! Just when I think I have this stuff figured out I trip, and instead of responding mindfully, I react mindlessly. Instead of pushing the pause button, I resemble a blithering idiot without a filter.

I am always humbled after one of those moments. When I am confronted with someone having a melt-down, I know I am seeing them at their worst. I am learning to be gentle with others, and to be especially gentle with myself.